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My Priorities

Drew in – Aug 30th, 2022

A Steady Hand for Halton Hills

Planning for Smart Growth

It’s important that we manage the provincially mandated growth that is on the horizon intelligently and within the context of the Town that we all love. I have a long-term vision to ensure our community can manage this growth while maintaining our small-town charm. This includes using the zoning and property standard authority granted to the municipality to ensure new builds are high quality, environmentally resilient, and have the right mix of density and open space.

Support for Business

I want to ensure town services are accessible and that regulatory processes are transparent. Businesses and Residents alike need accountability when it comes to timelines, policies, and potential roadblocks so they can make plans with confidence. We want to maintain our diversified mix of commercial enterprises in Halton Hills – small businesses providing niche products & services or looking to grow, mid-sized businesses that support a whole ecosystem of commercial activity, and large corporations that provide significant jobs and meaningful contributions to our community tax base.

Building Community Spirit

A small investment today will help avoid significant costs down the road – this is what “state of good repair” is all about. Cutting the grass, keeping up flower beds, repairing benches – these things cost very little but mean so much for the residents who enjoy our outdoor spaces every day. Municipal government is about everyday services – getting the snow plowed, recreational programs and facilities, making sure the streetlights come on at night. Simple things like these are what the residents of Ward 3 and the broader Halton Hills community rely on to get the best out of life in our Town.

Let me know YOUR priorities –